Effective Methods for Growth on Instagram

By March 19, 2021Guest Post

Have you noticed that more and more businesses are starting to make use of social media to promote themselves? Have you tried this kind of marketing strategy for your own brand but it just doesn’t seem to be working as well for you as it is for others?

One thing that almost everyone wants when it comes to using social media platforms, Instagram in particular, is to become famous or known as an influencer. This is not only exclusive to solo people but also includes brands and businesses that want to get their name out there and reach the biggest audience possible. If you have a brand, a business, or are just hoping to gain exposure for whatever reason, then you have to know what to do in order to grow your account. This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds, and some people tend to reach a limit or a plateau when it comes to their growth.

If you want to push past this limit, or to just get some tips on how to grow, here are a few effective methods for growth on Instagram.

Have a strategy

Even though making use of social media, or Instagram, for your marketing plan is still a way of advertising your brands and the products and services it has to offer, it is very different to traditional marketing and there are so many more factors that need to be considered. Some of these include what voice you will be using, what personality your brand will have, whether or not to use a growth service like Growthoid to get more Instagram followers, or even something as simple as what the colour scheme will be. Instagram marketing is very specified, and you need to ensure that you are catering to both the Instagram audience as well as your niche audience. The best way to do this is by having a strategy.

Having a marketing strategy for social media isn’t as complicated as it seems but it does require a bit of work and effort. Setting goals is a great way to get this started, and from these goal you can start designing your posts around this as well as seeing which is the best way to post, what times are most suited to post, what the best content it, as well as how you plan on reaching a much larger audience.

Be consistent

It’s not enough to just post content when you have new things to post, or creating a new design or style every time you want to post something new. Being consistent is the best way to grow on Instagram because it allows for followers and other users to become familiar with your routine and posting and lets them have an idea of what to expect. On top of this, most people follow an account because they like the look of it, if you are constantly changing your style people may start to become uninterested in your brand or be confused as to who they are following.

Not only should your content look consistent, but your posting schedule should also be consistent. Don’t just post when you feel like it, but rather try to stick to a schedule and post daily or at least a few times a week at the same time so that followers know when to keep an eye out for you.

Know when to post

Following on from the previous point, talking about posting consistently and having a posting schedule, you should not just be posting at any random time of the day that just happens to be convenient for you. When it comes to creating a posting schedule, there are ways to discover which times throughout the day are the best to post at for optimal engagement. Engagement is everything when it comes to growing on social media, which is why it is important to get real followers, so by having a look at your account analytics, you can see which times have received the most amount of meaningful engagement from followers, and from there decide which is the best time to post.

Sell a lifestyle

People use Instagram to see what other people have going on in their lives, and essentially lives vicariously through them. One of the best ways to see growth on your Instagram account is by giving other people the opportunity to experience something they might not typically experience by watching your videos or looking at your pictures. Instagram is all about showing off the best and most glamorous parts of your life and people want to see just that. When posting, the best thing to do is to focus on pushing a lifestyle.

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