Four Unique Ideas for Your next Baby Shower Gift

By March 15, 2021Guest Post

Thinking of a unique gift for a baby shower can be difficult. Often you will not know what the parent already has, and you do not want to buy them the same thing as everyone else. Some parents will send out a list of what would be helpful to or what they need, and if not, you can also try asking what they need.

When in doubt, taking some time to research for exciting gifts or something that will be useful will be well worth it. If you have children yourself, there is likely a product that you could not have survived without, but if you have not had children, it can be tricky to know what a good gift would be. To help, we have listed some ideas to help inspire you.

Child’s memory journal

The first few years with a newborn are filled with firsts, from the first time they roll over to first steps and words. These memories will stay with parents for years, and encapsulating them is wonderful to look back on years later. A memory journal will give prompts on what to take pictures of and to write down to help keep them solidified forever.

Swaddle blanket

The first few months with a newborn can often feel like a battle to get as much sleep as possible. Swaddling a baby can help them feel safe and calm them down at the start of their lives, which can also help them sleep just a little longer. You can swaddle with a normal blanket and a special swaddle blanket that is specifically made for the job, often with zippers and fasteners to make the job easier. Check out swaddles collection from for some wonderful options.

Instant print digital camera

Going along with the memory journal and a perfect gift on its own, many digital cameras instantly print out the very reasonably priced photos. Most instant print digital cameras come with apps that allow you to add filters and text to the images before you print them, so you can have a real-life Instagram! Printed pictures are a wonderful thing to have in the house, but most people in 2021 keep pictures store their pictures digitally on their phones or computers. The cameras are small enough to carry around and are ideal for sleep deprived parents to document sweet moments with their new baby.

Biamother app subscription

Biamother is an app that provides pregnancy and postnatal advice at the touch of a button, and the premium subscription gives parents a coach they can speak to about any concerns they are having. There are sections with information on how to prepare for delivery and fitness and food tips to stay as healthy as possible through the process. The full-access subscription is £16.99 and would be a wonderful and useful baby shower present. The app is simple to use, and it is handy to have a person that you can ask questions at any time of the day. The exercise section is also a fantastic resource, and you can select what stage of your pregnancy you are to get custom exercises designed to be safe and effective.


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