Nudient Link with Jesper Ståhl for Latest Phone Tech Accessories

By April 22, 2021Fashion News, Style

Contemporary design accessories.

When it comes to sleek and sophisticated phone cases, look no further than Nudient.

Founded by lifelong friends — Max Andersson, Vidar Sjökvist and Pontus Krusing — the partners’ paths studying and working in various professions has seen the Swedish-based label grow from a coffee shop concept in Sveavägen, Stockholm to a leading name in contemporary mobile accessories.

“The year was 2015 and Vidar was studying in Hong Kong, and he didn’t have a case on his phone because of the lack of good phone cases in Europe. One day he found a super thin case in a small shop on the streets of Hong Kong and he immediately bought it. It felt like there wasn’t a case on the phone and that was the moment when the idea of Nudient was born.”

Focusing on a market with a need for thinner cases, the brands latest efforts include a collaborative project with Red Dot Award winner and three-time champ at the Elle Decoration Design Awards, Jesper Ståhl. Driven by Scandinavian influences and urban aesthetics, the collaboration — dubbed the “V3” — combines Ståhl’s signature design codes with constant customer feedback.

Currently ranked as one of the largest brands in Europe for phone accessories, the tech-focused label is available in 8 countries and 1200 stores around the world. Check out the shots below and shop all Nudient products online, now.

PHOTO CREDIT: @elliotsmall, @jackkthelad, @dancaroll

PHOTO CREDIT: @casoperdido, @jackkthelad, @reeceawalker, @scottdonovan

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