PAUSE Highlights: Co-Ordinating Sets

A simple solution to a common problem, why spend ages in your mirror trying to decipher whether the colours, textures and proportions in your outfit work when you can throw on a matching set? Rocking a matching set on the top and bottom half of your outfit not only frees up time in your day but also gives you the freedom to explore other aspects of your style. Accessories and footwear play an important role in breaking up your look when the top and trousers come as a set.

Whether you would rather keep things cosy and sport a matching tracksuit or are feeling a coordinating flowing shirt and trousers to soak up the sun in, we have collated the best outfits that feature matching sets. See our shopping selections below alongside a gallery of looks from a range of sartorial experts that have explored the matchy world of two pieces.

Styling Suggestions:

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