The Five Highlights of Paris Fashion Week Mens

Collaborations stole the show.

With the shadow cast by the Covid pandemic starting to rise, Paris delivered a semi-normal fashion week that included a mix of virtual and in-person presentations. As the fashion crowd once again roamed the Parisian streets, along with the usual array of street-style photographers, this season presented what we always knew to be the truth: collaborations are the way forward.

The headlines were grabbed by Dior, with Kim Jones working alongside musician Travis Scott for the brand’s Spring Summer 2022 Menswear show, as well as Louis Vuitton and its coming together with Nike. Amongst these headline-grabbing moments, are a number of further moments worthy of comment. These are our highlights from Paris Fashion Week Men’s.

KidSuper Continues to be For Everyone

Starting off as a streetwear label based in New York, it is fair to say that KidSuper’s journey to presenting at Paris fashion week has not been a regular one. Neither have the circumstances, since the brand has only shown on the schedule virtually under Covid restrictions. The clothing and modes of presentation that Colm Dillane, the 29-year-old designer and founder of the brand, uses reflect its position as an outsider entering the world of high fashion and bringing an edge.

The brand continued to be inclusive in its casting, using the people in its community and proving that Paris Fashion Week can be for everyone – including children. Dillane even tried his hand at modelling for one of the looks.

PHOTO CREDIT: Louis Vuitton

The LV X Nike Luggage

A collaboration between Nike and Louis Vuitton was always going to cause a media storm. The French Luxury house worked together with the American sportswear company in the world that it runs supreme: sneakers. However, the collaboration was also reciprocated, as Nike was included in Louis Vuitton’s signature item: luggage.

Before its famous monogram had ever graced a garment, the house only created luggage and a Louis Vuitton case has remained an instantly recognisable item across the world. For this piece, an orange leather suitcase bearing an embossed LV monogram was personalised with a Nike swoosh tag. A combination that previously would have been considered impossible by many, it was a big moment for this season.

PHOTO CREDIT: Louis Vuitton

Wading Through The Water in ALYX

The typical connotations of beachwear are not necessarily aligned with the fashion created by 1017 ALYX 9SM. The brand’s slim-fitting and minimal designs seemed out of place in the best possible way as models strode through waves that crashed around their feet.

The want to be at the beach is only exaggerated by the restrictions that have been put on travel in the last year and Matthew Williams had us all dreaming of our next beach holiday including a full outfit from ALYX.


Dior's Earthy Tones

With much of its inspiration coming from the desert, brown earthy hues have always been central to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack label. We have seen them used consistently by the musician in the form of hyped Nike collaborations and streetwear drops, but how it will be translated into a high fashion collection was an exciting prospect.

The end result? It was a highlight of the show. As the models walked through a cactus-filled set, slouchy tailoring and flared trousers in outfits made up of dark brown hues conveyed a true merging of design aesthetics between Kim Jones and Travis Scott.


Homme Plissé Issey Miyake Plays with Prints

The Homme Plissé Issey Miyake line has once again grabbed our attention with its selection of pleated garments and this time it’s due to their use of prints. Produced using the traditional Japanese technique of karamiori, swirly patterns and more simple stripes featured across the clothing.

This collection was titled “Human Ensemble” and took inspiration from the body and from movement. Interpreting the human form to produce clothing that is suited for it, who wouldn’t want to move and dance when wearing those patterns?

PHOTO CREDIT: Homme Plissé Issey Miyake 

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