3 Threats That Endanger Your Cannabis Plants Before Harvest

By July 2, 2021Guest Post

Growing cannabis is highly enjoyable and rewarding, but it requires a lot of work. It is important individuals are aware of the threats that can endanger their cannabis plants before they are ever able to reach their harvest.

Growing Cannabis Requires Great Care

While some strains of cannabis are heartier than others, all of them require special care for healthy growth. It is important growers research before buying marijuana seeds or planting, so they will be prepared to ensure their plants will grow healthy and strong.

Growing cannabis requires the right levels of light, water, and fertilizer. Starting with the best seeds will help to ensure strong cannabis plants begin to grow.

Three Threats That Endanger Cannabis Plants

It is imperative growers understand the threats their cannabis plants can face. Being aware of the possible threats will help growers to be proactive and protect their plants against these threats, for healthier cannabis growth.


Unfortunately, theft is one of the biggest threats to cannabis plants. It is highly important growers keep their crops discreet. Whenever possible, it is wise to grow cannabis indoors, where it will be better protected. If a grower must grow their crops outdoors, it is wise to grow the plants behind protective fencing.


While some degree of humidity is helpful to cannabis plant growth, too much can begin to cause mold. There are three pathogenic substances that can grow on cannabis in humid environments, and they include mold, mildew, and botrytis. Unfortunately, the spores from this growth can spread rapidly and lead to plant destruction.


The light must be carefully controlled, especially during the flowering phase. Too much light during the flowering stage could result in a cessation of growth. If growing outdoors, it is important to be careful regarding any sources of light, including street lights, as these can cause problems with growth.

All of the above can lead to problems. Theft takes away all the hard work a grower has put into their crops. Light and mold can rob growers of their plants in another way, through destruction.

Important Tips for Growing Cannabis

There are some tips that can help growers grow healthier cannabis. Following these tips will assist growers in avoiding problems that could stunt the growth of their plants or cause plant death.

First, growers need to choose the very best seeds. It is wise to purchase feminized seeds, so growers will not have to worry about pollination issues.

  • It is important to choose the right location when growing marijuana. Growers will need to make sure they have plenty of room and access to the right level of light.
  • Growers need to learn as much as possible about the different stages of growth, so they will be prepared to protect their plants. Research is highly important.
  • Patience is key when it comes to growing cannabis. Even the fastest strains require weeks of care before harvest.

Growing cannabis can be relaxing and even fun, but it is important growers know how to protect their plants throughout all stages of growth. When a grower starts with the best cannabis seeds and the right growing conditions, they can expect a healthy harvest of bountiful buds.

By growing their own cannabis, growers can save money and enjoy knowing how their buds have been grown. Now is a perfect time to get started on growing the healthiest cannabis plants.

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