Reebok & Kerby Jean-Raymond Team Up for ‘CrateMaster’ Short Film Premiere

By July 15, 2021Fashion News

Finding the next 'CrateMaster.'

The latest in Kerby Jean-Raymond’s seemingly neverending creative projects, sportswear giant Reebok recently premiered a short film in collaboration with the American designer dubbed ‘CrateMaster.’

Aiming to profile the youth of Brooklyn, New York, their grassroots inner-city basketball team and how they built the game from the ground up; the short film follows a number of local neighbourhood individuals through their day-to-day life across the town as they plan their next game and where the new ‘CrateMaster’ will be crowned. Speaking on the premiere, Kerby commented;

“As part of Reebok’s new approach to storytelling, we want to showcase sports and activities that everyone can have access to, Building upon this idea that ‘life is not a spectator sport,’ we’ll impart on our audience the power of movement and how you can move, no matter where you’re from or the resources you may or may not have. This people-first perspective is authentic to Reebok and will inform our dialogue moving forward.”

Thoughts? Check out the film in full below.

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