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By September 6, 2021Fashion News, Style, Style Picks

You will struggle to find a better-dressed couple than Théo and Rémy, the French duo that is behind the Instagram account @dear.fuckingluv. Bringing a romanticism to outfit pictures, the couple regularly matches their outfits to each other as they pose together often holding hands, kissing or embracing each other. With a formal edge to their style, the Parisian pair can frequently be found wearing items that are common in menswear such as suits, blue jeans and Chelsea boots but they experiment with cropped silhouettes and bold hues to create head-turning looks.

Providing you with inspiration for your shopping list, the two have curated their favourite items from labels such as Gucci, Zara and Jacquemus. Find the full list below.

Zara Jeans

This is a really good basic piece and it goes well with pretty much anything in any situation.


ASOS Boots

We love a good black heeled boot! We actually have a lot of different styles and this is our most recent pair.


Salt Murphy Ribbed Tank Top

It’s so rare to find good tank tops that fit perfectly and also last a long time – so we were so happy we discovered this brand!


Sean & Val Briefs


Michino Bag

A practical and stylish accessory for any outfit.


Mayro Stores Jacket

The cut and how it fits is literally everything! It gives such a nice silhouette.


Converse Chuck Taylor 70

Truly our go-to when it comes to everyday shoes, you can never go wrong with black Converse’s.


Jacquemus Chiquito Bag


Gucci Bag 1955


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