PARIAH CORP. Launch Horror-Inspired Debut Collection

By September 20, 2021Fashion News, Fashion Shows

Who is P?

Debuting its first collection, titled “Nosferatu” in reference to a 1922 silent horror film, PARIAH CORP. has introduced itself to the fashion world in a witty and playful manner.

This first collection is riddled with irony and references that give it a slightly unsettling edge. For example, the third look presents a model sporting punk-inspired black spiky hair with large black sunglasses, a bulky necklace with a cross pendant and trousers that have Time Magazine covers reading “is God dead?” hanging off them. However, this punk-inspired look with its doomful message is photographed in what appears to be regular British suburbia with a wooden fence and the top of a home in the background – you can even see someones toiletries in the bathroom mirror.

These juxtapositions continue throughout the collection, as dark horror-inspired looks with intimidating spikes and masked faces are shown beside a playful striped two-piece with “Paria says hi” printed light green striped and red spiked apples.

The overarching reference in this collection is horror, with Count Dracula being interpreted in many of the key pieces along with coffin-themed accessories and footwear. However, there are further themes such as New Order concert posters featuring Margaret Thatcher and Vivienne Westwood’s early labels Sex and Seditionaries that weave themselves through the collection.

See the full PARIAH CORP. Spring/Summer 2022 collection below.


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