Prada Linea Rossa Debuts Autumn/Winter 2021 Campaign

By October 11, 2021Fashion News

'Cross the Line.'

Highlighting some of their new season wares with the release of their autumn/winter 2021 collection campaign, Prada’s ‘Linea Rossa’ line recently debuted their new promotional shots which focus on the discerning feature of the product range’s red line.

Making its debut in 1997, Linea Rossa’s signature red line is something many can instantly attribute yet few know its actual meaning, which is to ‘cross the line, and go beyond’ – perpetuating the offshoot’s athletic spirit. The latest campaign captured by photographer Hugo Comte dubbed ‘Beyond the Line’ features global stars from sports and dance as they represent a sense of achievement and inspiration.

Thoughts? Check out the campaign in full below.

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