9 Tips to Take Care of Your Dog While You are at Work

By March 1, 2022Guest Post

As the pandemic is on the verge of an end, many offices are planning to start their businesses as usual. That means the bliss that pet owners enjoyed while working from home and being around their pets is going to end.

Many people have adopted dogs during the pandemic as they felt lonely and had time to actually engage with the pet. Especially for first-time owners, the entire phase of raising a dog is new, which means you always have to do research in every stage from reputed websites like We Love Doodles to get the correct dog information.

Of course, it is not just the dog that can get separation anxiety, as the owners also are always counting hours till they can get back home to their furry friends. But life goes on, and it is inevitable as you have to go to work and you cannot take your pet along. Though the idea of your pet being comfortable while you are away may be refreshing, which is why we have a few tips that will help you manage your dog while you are out working.


1. Plan Your Work

Planning your day means you will be well ahead in your schedule and know exactly when you are getting back home so that, accordingly, you can make arrangements at home for the dog. Plan your work before you even start the day to know the number of hours you need to finish it and plan your hours accordingly. If not planned, you may waste precious time and later on be late to get back home.

2. Drop the Dog at Relatives Place

We consider this one of the best options if you have an immediate family living nearby. Dropping the dog off with a family member is always a great idea as you know the dog is being well taken care of, and the dog also will not get much anxious as it is still around a family member.

3. Consider Doggy Daycare

Instead of leaving your dog alone at home, why not leave it between people and other dogs? The first few days, your dog may be anxious and confused about it but slowly get used to the idea and, in fact, look forward to it meeting its friends. If it is a fun place where your dog gets food, playtime, and attention from the attendants, your dog will have a great day. Leave the dog for an hour every day initially and pick your dog up so that it knows that it is just a temporary place. This will help the dog adjust to the place easily.

4. Use a Pet Camera

If your dog is left home alone, the mere anticipation of your dog is doing may make you anxious. Getting a dog camera is beneficial for both the dog and the pet parent. You will know your dog is asleep or playing, and it will calm your nerves. Also, as you can see what your dog is up to, you can ensure it is in no danger. Use a camera that has two side speech options, too, where you can talk to the dog and stop it from doing mischievous activities through the camera speaker using your mobile app.

5. Consider Barrier

Not every area in your home will be safe for the dog. If you feel a few areas need to be blocked, then you can use a dog gate to make those areas off-limits to your dog while you are not at home. For smaller dogs, you can use a play-pen to create a safe space for the dog while you are not home.

6. Give Your Dog Lick Treats

Dogs are known to calm down as they lick some food. Make frozen lick mats and kongs for them and give them to the dog before leaving. This will keep them busy and less anxious slowly as they lick the treat. This also tires them, and they will rest after they are full.

7. Use an Auto Water Dispenser

Adequate hydration is essential for the dog, as you will be leaving the dog for several hours. Hence, placing a single bowl of water may not be enough. If you plan on leaving your dog alone for more than three hours, then get an automatic water dispenser with a can attached to it so that it fills the bowls automatically, and your dog is never left without water in the bowl. A large pet fountain can also be placed that can hold a good amount of water. The sound of the flowing water may attract the dog to drink more water and keep it well hydrated.

8. Use a Pee Pad

If your dog has to spend more than four hours alone at home and you have no one who can help walk your dog while you are at work, place a pee pad next to the door. Train your dog to pee on it while you are away so that they can relieve themselves. Holding urine for a long duration can cause UTIs in female dogs, which should be taken care of.

9. Rent a Home Nearby Office

If you live in a rented apartment, renting one near your work makes sense. This means you can come home for lunch and spend some time with the dog before you have to leave again. This will ensure your dog gets to see you and become less anxious. Also, you can take the dog for a short walk and feed it if needed before you have to leave again for work. The separation timeframe from your dog also reduces drastically as it is broken into two parts; hence, the dog will become more comfortable.

The Bottom Line

While it can be heart-breaking to leave your dog alone at home while at work, that is the reality you have to deal with. With time, your dog will get used to the idea as it understands that you will come back in a few hours. Once your dog is less anxious about you leaving for work. It will also help you calm down and focus on your work while in your office and feel excited about spending the evening with your loving furry friend.

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