Best Clothing Items for Fashionable Ladies to Complement Designer Sneakers

By March 20, 2022Guest Post

Sneakers should be at the top of your list if you are looking for timeless footwear to add to your wardrobe. These shoes are comfy, laid back, and can be worn in all seasons. One of the best brands for designer lady sneakers is Valentino Garavani. While sticking to their artisanal tradition, the brand has recently re-designed its two iconic sneakers in the spirit of open innovation.

The Valentino Garavani Rockstud Untitled sneakers and Valentino Garavani Open sneakers now partially have bio-based and recycled materials. This makes them the best choices for anyone looking for sustainable luxury shoes for women.

Here are tips on the best clothing items for ladies to complement sneakers to inspire you.

PHOTO CREDIT: Valentino Garavani

T-shirt and Jeans

The casual sneaker outfit for ladies and men is a t-shirt and jeans. Luckily for you, all jeans styles, including skinny, high-waisted, bootcut, ripped frayed, flared, and straight-leg, look good with sneakers. As such, just settle for the one that best complements your style and body build.

For the t-shirt, opt for a basic colored one in a fitted cut. However, an oversized tee might look fashion-forward when paired with slim-cut or skinny jeans. Be careful to buy a t-shirt that is explicitly labelled oversized rather than one that is a few sizes more than what perfectly fits you. This is because oversized tees are boxier than the standard ones.

Your sneakers should ideally accentuate your t-shirt’s design or make your neutral look pop. For instance, when wearing a patterned or bold graphic tee, pair it with simple sneakers like classic white ones. Conversely, when wearing plain tees, add some vibrancy to your look with animal print or brightly colored sneakers.

Athleisure Fashion

The athleisure trend is an accepted style for women and men who focus on comfort with a sporty look. The style includes tracksuits, sweatsuits, workout pants, performance t-shirts, crop tops, active outwear, athletic shorts, and tank tops. This workout gear comes in diverse patterns and colors. However, athleisure wear translates best to lifestyle wear when you stick to basic colors like navy, gray, white, or black.

For your shoes, wear a pair of black or low-top white sneakers for a chic look with all-black athleisure wear. Alternatively, you can wear zip-up or lace-up bootie-style high-top sneakers with your ensemble.

Leggings and Oversized Tees

Like athleisure, leggings have slowly become acceptable streetwear over the past decade. They are also widely popular and a wardrobe essential for women. If you want a fashionable way of wearing your sneakers, pairing them with leggings is advisable. The key to looking trendy with leggings is pairing them with an oversized coat or long shirt. Button-down shirts and oversized tees are also good choices since they flatter and balance your leggings.

For your footwear, chunky sneaker styles are the best. White sneakers are the most popular nowadays. Even so, you can make your leggings ensemble stand out with fashionable sneakers with metallic uppers or animal prints for a sporty look. If you want an unexpected posh look, pair the leggings with slip-on leather sneakers.


Whether you are rocking a midi, flowy maxi, t-shirt, or sundress, sneakers are perfectly acceptable and stylish options for your footwear. In fact, they effortlessly dress down almost all dress types. You can pair dresses with casual sneakers in subtle silhouettes if you want to look cohesive. Though most ladies settle for white lace-up sneakers with neutral dresses, you can pair yours with pink, gray, tan, red, black, blue, or pink sneakers. To finish your look, throw on a denim jacket or leather coat.


Jumpsuits look sophisticated and strikingly elegant at the same time. Depending on the occasion, they can be dressed up with block heels or pumps or down with sneakers. When wearing an eye-catching jumpsuit, settle for simple sneakers so that your ensemble will not look too busy. Conversely, when wearing a navy, black, tan, or white jumpsuit, settle for sneakers with animal prints or fun embellishments.

High-waisted shorts and casual tops

These are the laid-back warm-weather wardrobe staple, but they can also be worn for fancy occasions. Denim shorts are safe options, but you can consider line, biker, or chino shorts for a sporty look. For your shirt, opt for a t-shirt, long-sleeve tee, button-down shirt, or casual tank top. Low-top lace-ups or slip-on sneakers will finish the perfect sporty casual look.

From the tidbits above, you undoubtedly feel inspired to include fashionable sneaker outfits in your wardrobe. If so, you need the right sneaker collection. The Valentino Garavani sneakers are created to grant all-day comfort in stylish designs. This is thus your best brand choice for luxury sneakers.

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