Five Iconic Dresses that Shone in Oscar History

By April 1, 2022Guest Post

The Academy Awards are one of the most important in the world of fashion. It is on the red carpet, after all, that brands of the calibre of Valentino, Dior, and Giorgio Armani boast their best designs. Of course, actors such as Amanda Seyfried, Timothée Chalamet, or Zendaya are the perfect models to display such detailed work. If iconic fashion moments set your heart on fire, read on to recall a few dresses that will no doubt go down in Oscars history as unforgettable.

Billy Porter’s Christian Siriano Tux Dress (2019)

‘Wow’ was the word that most people uttered when they saw the ultimate exponent of gender-fluid fashion: Christian Siriano’s incredible tuxedo gown, sported by LGBTQ+ icon, Billy Porter. The dress comprised a tailored tuxedo jacket with a full-skirted velvet gown that displayed the ultimate interplay between feminine and masculine fashion ideals. For Porter, the dress relayed a powerful message: express yourself in any way that feels right!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Haute Couture Gown (2013)

It was simple, feminine, and almost wedding-like. Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior Haute Couture design featured a simple strapless top paired with a hip-hugging gown that flared out to form a billowy silhouette. It has also been touted as ‘the most expensive dress ever worn to an Oscars ceremony’. The immense elegance of the dress was complemented by simple diamond earrings and a ring by Chopard. Lawrence pulled off the look with glamour but made history books when she tripped over the dress to pick up her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook. The moment was so iconic that it now features regularly on Oscars Bingo. The latter is a fun game that asks players to mark specific cards when predicted moments occur. The cards include typical moments like someone ‘tripping on the way to the stage’, a winner ‘mentioning their schoolteacher’, and ‘someone wearing a purple suit’. They may sound arbitrary but all these moments usually happen at one point or another on an Oscars evening.

Lupita Nyong’o’s Custom Calvin Klein Dress (2015)

Lupita Nyong’o is the epitome of good taste and style. Such is her elegance and grace that every year, fashionistas and members of the media look forward to discussing and displaying her outfits, analysing each detail of her perfectly manicured look. Lupita has shone year after year, but one dress that captured the world’s attention was her painstakingly made Custom Calvin Klein from 2015. Designer Francisco Costa said he wanted to create “a series of textures with different-sized natural pearls,” the total number of which was an amazing 6,000. He combined these delicate jewels with metallic tulle and silk lamé.

Emma Stone’s Elie Saab Dress (2015)

This delicate chartreuse design is testimony to the beauty of hand beading. The beads are shaped into splendid ‘illusion-style’ shapes, whose asymmetrical beauty lent artistry and magic to the look. Additional details that marked this dress as a stunner included a high slit on one side of the dress and an open-back cut.

Beyonce’s Atelier Versace Dress (2005)

This showstopper featured a strapless design and a form-hugging shape that transformed it from a designer outfit into an unforgettable fashion moment. The dress had a sweetheart neckline, corseted waist, and delicate train. Altogether, these details created an ultra-feminine silhouette that oozed sophistication. It was paired with diamond earrings and a matching bracelet.

 The Oscars are always an important part of the year’s fashion calendar. Some stars shine particularly brightly, of course, with icons like Lupita Nyong’o always capturing the media’s keen interest. Each dress displays the extent to which designers seek inspiration from land, sea, and sky, to create a dress that makes its wearer feel beautiful and confident on such a special night.

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