#PauseVisits – The Alan Manchester

Warm, exuberant and inviting…

The Alan Manchester welcomed me into their safe haven that catered to my every need. If you are travelling down to Manchester during the week and need somewhere to pop open your laptop and get work done, you can! Scoot on over to their cafe area so you can do just that, whilst you’re there grab a cheeky hot chocolate, other milk alternatives are available ;)! If that doesn’t hold you, take a few steps out of the cafe, bypass the amazing open plan lobby and head over to their restaurant where you can indulge in a lovely offering no matter what diet you’re on, daytime doesn’t matter either! Breakfast, brunch, dinner – if you’re already checked in, you can even opt for dining in your humble abode.

The room… let’s talk about it! The layout is a content creator’s dream! Soft plastered walls which are then juxtaposed with the other walls which bare-brick, soothing textured sofers, 50″ tv which has Bluetooth, gold panels in the bathroom area offset by the wetroom. The bed, huge, fit for an emperor! The sleep and overall experience, exquisite.

Key Points;

  • 7 min walk to the hotel, 9 min drive from Manchester Piccadilly Station
  • Great offering of room sizes, some house up to two people
  • Google chromecast friendly for the tech-savy
  • Relaxing cafe area where you can work when and if needs be, there’s a great co-working space also (fast wifi and unlimited tea and coffee from 10am-4pm)
  • Social restaurant area with a variety of food options, no matter your palette
  • Aesthetically pleasing interior, great for content creators
  • A stone’s throw from town, helpful for work as well as enjoyment purposes
  • Staff are attentive and readily available should you have any queries

Call to book or visit for more information.

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