SPOTTED: Justin Reed Teases Prada x homer by Frank Ocean Capsule

An extremely limited release.

Vintage and high-end fashion curator Justin Reed took to Instagram yesterday to flex what is surely one the rarest high-end fashion pieces in the world, unveiling a Prada x homer anorak collaboration designed by Frank Ocean.

With studios in Los Angeles and New York, Reed is one of the industry’s lead collectors when it comes to extremely limited-edition collaborations and exceptional vintage, with his latest Instagram upload showing off one of the rarest. The picture captions a selection of two lilac and baby blue Prada anoraks with the caption “Prada homer by Frank Ocean. Blue or purple?”. The pieces feature traditional Prada triangle branding on the breast, as well as darkened contrast front pouches and elasticated hoods.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a similar Prada anorak.


PHOTO CREDIT: @justinreed (via Instagram)

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