Fashion and Casino Style: How They Have Influenced Each Other

By June 1, 2022Guest Post

Casinos have had a certain dress code ever since they became popular with the masses back in the eighteenth century. All of the employees of these high-class establishments were tasked with always looking their best. 

If you’ve ever wandered into a casino and awed at the slot machines, wondered how to play craps or just wanted to soak in the atmosphere, you’ll have seen that some of the top casinos will enforce dress codes.

You may be surprised to realise how intertwined these dress codes are with fashion and how they have both influenced each other over the ages. Let’s take a closer look at the interesting history between the two.

The history of fashion and casinos

Casinos are a strange phenomenon – they have a separate culture all unto themselves. Many casinos in the past were about the flamboyant and luxury you can find in them, and attending them was not far removed from attending an upscale event.

Whilst many casinos in the past only opened their doors to the rich and famous, in modern times casinos are more relaxed about entry policies and attire. This was mainly thanks to the addition of bars into casino establishments, which caused the casinos to become more for socialising. This made them even more important when it comes to fashion!

One of the biggest collisions of fashion and casinos came in the form of the film “Casino Royale” in 1967. Whilst the newer films are much loved and iconic, the first-ever release in the James Bond franchise allowed the general public to witness the kind of upscale fashion that could be seen in these upmarket casinos.

Modern times

In the more modern times, there are only a few casinos that still sport the upscale luxury of casinos of old. But the casinos that still have this level of luxury have it in spades!

From the incredibly lavish interior architecture to the luxury service players receive, the upscale and formal dress code that is required to enter is fitting. Perfectly dressed players in their tuxedos and ball gowns will be seen flocking to roulette and baccarat tables. It’s no wonder why these exclusive casinos are seen as a hub for the rich and powerful.

These lavish casinos have guests who are almost always donning the most high-end fashion – from Saint Laurent suits and Givenchy belts to Gucci bags and Prada jackets that were previously seen on catwalks. 

How the casino influences fashion

Some of the most recognisable names in fashion have been heavily influenced by casinos. Some of the elements that designers take into account with their pieces are the sheer rush of winning the casino games… The excitement of first stepping foot in an awe-inspiring luxury casino… or just the general electricity you can feel in the air as you play.

These elements have made for some interesting runway shows, including:

The Moschino Show

The Jeremy Scott for Moschino show in 2018 had a very popular runway show with the theme of Las Vegas. The backdrop of the show had plenty of neon lights and the pieces themselves had a tinge of vegas to them.

You had various celebrities like Haily Baldwin and Miranda Kerr walking down the runway, sporting feather boa headdresses, statement suits and more. Most of the pieces were inspired in some way by slot machines. 


Around the same time, Chanel launched a red carpet show with roughly the same theme. They went one step further with the casino theme though, having all of the guests and celebrities in attendance playing games like Blackjack, poker and roulette.

This show didn’t just base its looks on a casino theme – they also integrated the atmosphere and environment of the casino to spectacular effect. Most of the outfits were understated and formal, making them perfect for attending a casino.

Modern fashion and casinos

Thanks to the ever-moving trends in fashion, casinos have had to adjust their dress codes and styles in accordance with present trends. Some may say this has been for the better and others can argue that it’s been for the worse.

The golden age of casinos with their ball gowns and tuxedos has made way for more edgy statement outfits – though many people still like to partake in dressing their best to attend a casino. As we’ve stated, some of the higher-end and more exclusive casinos only allow entry in formal attire, but a majority of them are much more relaxed in their policy when it comes to what to wear.

The future of casino fashion

With the close links between casinos and the fashion industry, there’s no doubt that the two worlds will collide together in fashion shows and more in the future. Maybe casino dress codes will go full-blown casual. Or maybe it’ll go the other way, returning to the era of exclusivity and formal attire. Only time will tell!

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