SonX are Helping Artists to Grow and Monetise their Fanbase

By October 26, 2022Music

Currently in development for its release in March 2023

Up-and-coming musicians are always looking for new ways to make money with their music in an industry that is very much an uphill battle. Enter Lee Gray, who spent most of his professional career in fashion before making the switch to the music scene. He saw this exact problem and decided to start developing a platform for artists to be able to grow and monetise their fanbase through subscriptions: SonX.

So far, this might sound like something you’ve already heard or seen before, however, where this platform differs is with the inclusion of NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Users can subscribe to artists and be rewarded with NFTs depending on their actions on the platform which could land them even rarer tokens that grant access to artists or priceless experiences. There will also be an NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell their tokens, with royalties on each sale going back to the artist.

Transactions will be made by SonX’s very own cryptocurrency, SonX Coin, or a fiat currency which can be used for withdrawing earnings, a bonus if you use the exclusive coin – these principles also apply to users when withdrawing earnings from their NFT sales. There will also be staking bonuses that will be available for both artists and fans that will be paid monthly and based on how much SonX coin is held in the user’s wallet.

Stay tuned for more on SonX.


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