SPOTTED: Bloody Osiris Turns Biker Boy Wearing Balenciaga & Yohji Yamamoto

By October 21, 2022Celebrity Style, Spotted

Blink & You'll Miss Him.

New York native Bloody Osiris returned to Instagram yesterday to get off one of his cleanest set of fit pics so far, unveiling a wholly black-and-white luxury ensemble.

Keeping things monochromatic, the tastemaker shared an array of HD imagery for this latest ensemble, which saw him pair a vintage black and white leather Yohji Yamamoto biker jacket with a matching pair of leather bottoms, finishing off the main aspects of the look with a pair of black and white high-top Alpinestars motorcycle boots as well as a set of fingerless biker gloves. Adding a touch of Osiris opulence, the pop culture star rocked some white frame Balenciaga BB0232S sunglasses.

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