Tips to Keep your vape tank and coil clean

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Do you want the optimal performance of your vape kit? You are at the right place. This blog will facilitate you with cleaning tips for a vape device so that your device can perform well and you can enjoy the best vaping experience. The e-cigarette or vape is a device used for vaping. It is made up of different components, i.e. the battery, the coil, the wick, the e-liquid tank, and the mouthpiece. All these components are attached to perform a specific function.

The tank is a component of the vape device, connected to the coil, that holds the e-liquid. The battery provides the current to the coil. The vape coils then heats the wick which is soaked in the e-liquid and evaporates the vape juice. To inhale vapours, you place your mouth at the mouthpiece.

Importance Of Keeping Vape Devices Clean:

Keeping your vape device clean is essential as your vaping experience depends on it; a clean vape kit offers optimal vaping performance. Therefore, to continue using a vape and enjoying e-liquid flavours, it is required to clean up the tank and the coil regularly. This blog will mention some steps for proper cleaning of the vape tank and the vape coil. Befor start I recommend to you you must try vape coils from Smok Coils brand.

Cleaning Of Vape Tank:

Cleansing the tank of a device means making it free from dirty particles so that you can enjoy the best e-liquid flavour of your choice. Below mentioned are some steps to follow in cleaning your e-liquid tank:


  • Firstly, carefully separate the tank from the device and remove the coil from the tank.
  • Check carefully whether the tank is empty or has some e-liquid in it. Make sure the tank has no vape liquid.
  • To make the tank residue-free, fill a bowl with warm water and detach the vape tank from the battery.
  • Carefully dip every part of the tank into the water to eliminate dirty residuals on it.
  • Dry the tank with a towel and let it air dry for some time so that every part of the tank dries thoroughly.

Cleaning Of Vape Coil:

For the better performance of a vape or to enjoy the best e-liquid flavour, cleaning the coil is of much importance. Cleaning a vape coil is a bit complicated, as they are divided into replaceable and rebuildable coils. Different types of coils have different methods of cleaning.

Replaceable Coil:

  • Dip the coil in ethanol, vodka, or vinegar for some hours.
  • Place it under the tap and rinse the coil twice in the condensed water.
  • Blow air into the coil to force water into the wicking holes.
  • Set it aside until all the water within the vape coil

Rebuildable Coil:

  • Remove the cotton wick from the coil
  • Slightly turn the coil to dry; carefully dry, and don’t flicker them too much.
  • Remove the atomiser from your mod.
  • Place it under the running water.
  • Rinse it by using the coil cleaning tool like a toothbrush.


Based on the above discussion, it is concluded that every component, e.g. the tank and the vape coil, are of separate importance. Therefore, for the optimal performance of a device and to enjoy the e-liquid flavour, it is recommended to clean the coil and tank regularly.

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