BSTN Brand Debut ‘Brave The Storm’ Holiday 2022 Collection

By November 22, 2022Fashion News

Bracing for Winter with BSTN Brand.

The latest label to serve up their holiday collection, Hamburg-based BSTN Brand recently debuted their ‘Brave the Storm’ offering just in time for the cooler season.

Serving as BSTN’s sophomore launch following their recent relaunch, ‘Brave The Storm’ aptly delivers a slew of sartorially standout and suitably snug tonal looks that provide warmth and comfort for the winter season. All designed with a unisex approach, key pieces such as their puffer jacket serve as innovative alternatives to the norm, with a modular design boasting detachable pockets that are each equipped with push buttons.

Other staples include an oversized vest and a pair of padded pants, tracksuits, and a healthy dose of accessories – all in the same monochrome colour scheme – making for a notably functional and aesthetically versatile release.

Check out some shots of the Holiday ’22 collection by BSTN Brand below and shop your favourites exclusively at BSTN now.


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