Military Fashion: A Style That Never Goes Out of Combat

By February 17, 2023Guest Post

It is only fitting that one of the most iconic fashion trends to exist is modeled after the bravest group of individuals in history. Military fashion has owned the designer runways and inspired apparel and accessory trends for decades. From aviator sunglasses to bomber jackets, you’ll find pieces inspired by the military whenever you walk down any city sidewalk. If you’re looking to learn more about this evergreen fashion trend and how you can incorporate it into your everyday style, then keep reading.

What exactly is Military Fashion? 

Before we dive into what military fashion looks like, it’s important to understand where this trend originated. The US military is made of five branches, including the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. The army was founded in 1775 during the Revolutionary War and since then the people who serve in the military have been committed to protecting the country against potential threats. The uniforms worn by these five branches have become iconic symbols of bravery and freedom. It was a natural progression for civilian apparel to be inspired by these influential uniforms and military fashion is now one of the oldest trends in the industry.

Where Can You Purchase Military Fashion?

One of the most common places to purchase staple military pieces is a surplus store. A surplus store sells clothing and accessories that are used, purchased but unused, and no longer needed by the original owner. Most often, the pieces available in Surplus stores come directly from military or government excess. This means that you can trust that the apparel or footwear you purchase from a surplus store is military grade and will be composed of high quality materials. Whether you’re looking for a bomber jacket, cargo pants, or combat boot, a surplus store is a great option if you’re looking for military quality fashion without the high fashion sticker price.

How to Wear a Military Jacket

One of the most well known styles of military jacket is the bomber jacket. This fashion piece was first worn in 1931 by members of the Air Force. The warm multi-layered style of the jacket allowed for airmen to stay warm, while flying at high altitudes. Today military-style jackets are a staple in the fashion industry and have evolved to be worn both as everyday wear and as a high fashion piece. A great military jacket will be durable enough to be worn during all types of seasons and can be paired over a wool sweater in the winter or over a camouflage t-shirt during cool summer nights. Whether worn as a piece to protect from the elements or a fashion staple for any outfit, a military jacket will provide the wearer with an effortlessly cool demeanor.

How to Wear Military Pants

Cargo pants are another staple of military fashion that make a resurgence every few years. This style of military fashion was also born in the 1930s and was inspired by the soldiers’ need to fit ammunition and provisions in the pockets of their pants. The desire to store cargo in pant pockets, naturally led to the introduction of cargo pants. These loose-fitting pants are tighter at the waist and contain several large pockets for easy storage. Paired often with military boots and a tight camouflage tank or t-shirt, this style of pants is both comfortable and fashionable. Whether wearing on a casual day out or around your home, cargo pants are an excellent style of bottoms to remain comfortable, while fashionable. It is also a major bonus that the large pockets of cargo pants can easily carry your phone, wallet, keys, and even some snacks!

How to Wear Military Boots

It comes as no surprise that the boots worn by the military are made to be comfortable and extremely durable. During the mid-19th century, military boots were designed to accommodate soldiers having to travel on foot and be on their feet for extended periods of time. Today combat boots are still a great choice if you’re looking for fashionable footwear that will pass the test of time. Made with leather and rubber soles, an investment in combat boots will reward you and your feet for years to come. You can wear these boots every day with cargo pants or any work day pants. Combat boots are not only worn for fashion but for those working on their feet during the day. From construction workers to government employees, combat boots are great footwear alternatives for comfort and style. If you’re looking for reliable combat boots and you don’t want to pay the high price sticker, explore what’s available at your local surplus stores.

Wrapping it Up For You 

There are endless ways to adopt military fashion into your new style, but one thing is for sure, this is a trend that is always in combat. While many fast fashion trends come and go in the blink of an eye, there is a reason that military style has been around since the introduction of freedom in the US. Made with durable materials that can withstand the elements of war, you can trust that military pieces will remain intact for many years. While military style is present in high fashion, there is no need to always pay for the top sticker price. Surplus stores have made it possible for civilians to attain high grade pieces at a fraction of the cost. So whether you’re wearing your cargo pants at home, your combat boots to the store, or a military jacket on date night, there’s always a place in your life for military fashion.

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