Andreia Chanel Brings Spirituality to Life with Glo(win)g Bag

By March 23, 2023Fashion News

More than just a bag.

Andreia, often stylised by the moniker Chanel, possesses a strong passion for fashion.

Andreia’s commitment to fashion is deeply rooted in her desire to turn outfits into art and art into outfits. She finds inspiration in the ability to create as well as in the ability to perceive differently. With innovation at the centre of its design, the Lisbon-based creative looks to expand her knowledge of fashion even further by dropping a variety of bags: Glo(win)g and its counterpart Glo(win)g in the dark.

More than just a stylish accessory, the Glo(win)g bag boasts a spiritual significance to express being reborn, reshaped, and reconnected.As an object that glows in the dark after being recharged by sunlight or artificial ultraviolet light, it signifies that even in times of darkness, there is a brightness that can never be dimmed.

Check it out below.

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