Burberry Celebrate Rich History with New ‘Burberry’ Book Launch

By March 7, 2023Fashion News

Available for Pre-Order Now.

Documenting their rich history and widespread success, British heritage brand Burberry have launched their newest book in collaboration with luxury publisher Assouline, titled ‘Burberry’.

Looking back at more than 165 years of innovation, adventure and unique expression, Burberry’s latest published work takes a detailed and up-close look at their classic archive, with the text featuring five chapters and two-hundred illustrations, all of which depict how Burberry evolved from a family-run company to a globally-renowned luxury brand. Breaking down what makes Burberry great, the book’s chapters all individually explore a range of notable events and the emblems for which Burberry is so well known.

Carly Eck, who is the Brand Curator for Archive and Historical Knowledge at Burberry, had this to say about Burberry as a whole and what the new text involves:

“Burberry is a story of creativity, exploration, innovation and community – all of which continue to be at the heart of the brand. In unearthing a dormant treasure trove, countless gold nuggets have been revealed. This book, the only one to be endorsed by the brand in recent times, presents a panorama of the company’s extraordinary heritage, which deserves to be widely celebrated. It’s the stuff of legends.'”

The ‘Burberry’ book is available to pre-order via the Assouline website now, and will be available to buy directly via the Burberry website on March 28th.

Check out imagery below.


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