SPOTTED: Bloody Osiris Keeps it Cool in Cologne in All-Black Utility Look


Continuing his slate of show-stopping fit pic uploads, Bloody Osiris made sure to keep the flexing going with another luxury-laden ensemble.

Keeping things *relatively* toned down for this look, the Harlem-born model and stylist wore all black as he touched down in Germany’s Cologne, with this latest look boasting pieces from Balenciaga and Smyrna. From the top, the look consisted of a black Smyrna Corps Bomber Jacket, a black Smyrna Balaclava Zip Hoodie, as well as a black pair of Smyrna Multi Pocket Wide Cargo Pants. Mixing it up, Osiris relied on the trusty black Balenciaga Steroid Boots as well as a black Balenciaga 40Mm BB Monogram Belt, completing the look with a pair of black Smyrna Moto Gloves.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a black Smyrna Corps Bomber Jacket now.

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