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By April 17, 2023Fashion News

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London born imprint maharishi have stepped forward with their newest range of imagery for the Summer 2023 period, debuting a selection of new pieces inspired by Thailand’s Songkran Water Festival.

Having often taken South-East Asian influences into account for many of their collections, maharishi continue to pay tribute to that side of the globe as they come off the back of high-profile sneaker collaborations with Mizuno and Reebok and get back to what they do best; making garments. Taking to the wide expanses of Northern Thailand for this collection, maharishi’s Summer 2023 collection continues to champion military styles whilst giving these classic silhouettes a dose of colour and patterning through oriental artworks. Looking back in time, this latest drop goes back to times where Buddhists would visit sacred temples and pour water over statues and on the hands of monks, typically done as a sign of respect, with these also being done annually in anticipation of the Lunar New Year. Channeling this practice into their creative process, maharishi’s pieces boast wood-themed artworks and camouflage prints of the Bonsai Forest, with the outfit’s iconic dragon artwork continuing to take its place on several garments. The range sticks to signature streetwear markers, with the brand’s iconic Original Snopants making their customary appearance, whilst outerwear like flight and bomber jackets also arrive alongside clean embroidered crewnecks, bowling shirts, shorts, bags and more.

The maharishi Summer 2023 collection is available to shop now via the maharishi website.

Check out campaign imagery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: maharishi/@adamtitchener (via Instagram)

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