SPOTTED: Burna Boy Stays Fully Fresh in Designer at Coachella 2023

Balenciaga Brazy.

Burna Boy x Balenciaga was always a match-up that was bound to hit, with the latter’s simplistic edge adding that extra touch of sleek to Burna’s already larger-than-life aura.

Touching down in California for Coachella 2023, the Nigerian superstar made sure to make his mark outfit-wise as the ‘Last Last’ star came out swinging, being snapped in a full Balenciaga ensemble. Getting straight into the main look, the 31-year-old kept it monochromatic for this outfit, pairing a white Balenciaga Oversized Biker Jacket with the matching pair of Balenciaga Biker Baggy Pants, whilst also opting for a bold shirtless approach. Accessorising to the max, Burna rocked some bust-down chains alongside a pair of Balenciaga Gotham Black Cat Sunglasses, a “BB” Black Monogrammed Leather Belt, as well as a pair of the infamous black Balenciaga Steroid Boots.

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