SPOTTED: Donald Glover Attends NBA Game Wearing MSCHF’s Divisive BWD Shoes

One for the Ages.

Making a rare public appearance, all-round creative Donald Glover – also known as Childish Gambino – headed to the recent Brooklyn Nets game wearing a fully thrifted ensemble alongside a standout pair of shoes.

The multi-faceted actor, writer, and musician, who is most notably known for his work on hit TV show Atlanta (2016) as well as his world-renowned music career, took some time with the ever-present ‘The People Gallery’ to break down the details of his outfit. Some standout pieces included a vintage Hawaii-themed cap, a “JOIN MY ONLYFANS” barcode t-shirt, a vintage tan-coloured leather jacket boasting a brown shearling collar, as well as a simple pair of vintage straight-leg jeans. Moving onto the feet, Glover got the blogs talking with this pair as he donned the highly-divisive MSCHF BWD sneakers, which you can wear in two different ways.

Thoughts? PAUSE or SKIP? Follow the link below to pick up a pair of MSCHF BWD sneakers now.


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