The Ultimate TV Room Design Tips

By April 26, 2023Guest Post

While real estate agents often emphasise the significance of the kitchen or master bedroom, acknowledging their importance, most people recognize that a house truly becomes a home when it boasts an exceptional media room. This space becomes the hub for enjoying movies binge-watching TV series and of course, sports events. 

According to Digital Trends, January presents the best time to purchase a new TV at attractive prices. That’s because most manufacturers and retailers extend discounts from the holiday season to large-screen TVs in anticipation of the super bowl. However, a big TV alone is not enough if you don’t have an incredible TV room to showcase it. In this read, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to design the ultimate TV room tailored for sports enthusiasts so strap on!

The Equipment 

Unless you intend to get the Samsung’s massive 219-inch TV showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) or reside in a tiny house, chances are your large-screen TV will leave plenty of vacant wall space. In such a situation, incorporating solid wood cabinetry into the TV room can serve multiple purposes. It not only creates an appealing frame for your TV, but also offers additional storage and display area for things like a sound system, cherished sports memorabilia, and more. If your TV room will be located in the basement or bonus room, you can enhance your experience by installing several bar cabinets, ideal for keeping snacks or a minifridge to ensure a readily available supply of cold beverages. For design inspiration take a look at Taskers Liverpool

The Playing Field

Once you have installed the cabinetry and the large-screen TV is securely mounted, it is time to prepare the playing field for the ultimate TV room. Above all else, comfort should be the top priority. According to ESPN, football games typically last about three hours, and other sports like baseball, golf, tennis, and basketball also demand significant viewing time. As such, you can see how unpleasant sitting in an uncomfortable chair for extended periods can be. That said, when designing your ultimate TV room, go for plus, deep, and oversized sofas, preferably featuring reclining seats or ottomans – perfect for watching sports and placing your sports bets from. Additionally, consider incorporating cup holders and end tables to ascertain convenience and that everything is within arm’s reach. 

It is time to turn your dream TV room into reality! Start by exploring our extensive range of TV room cabinetry and pick a style that resonates with your taste. Once you have made your decision, contact The Taskers. Our team is here to help you every step of the way, making sure you have a TV room worth looking forward to in every match.

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