Salehe Bembury Unveils New Look at Crocs Pollex Clog “Horchata”

Another One.

Salehe Bembury refuses to let his signature Crocs silhouette go out of fashion as the sleek silhouette returns for the summer, with this latest colourway seeing a neutral “Horchata” iteration take the floor.

After the recent unveiling of a ‘Slime’ colourway, it looks as though the Crocs Pollex Clog is returning for extra redesigns as high-profile designer debuts a first look at this off-white coloured “Horchata” shoe. Predominantly keeping to the unchanging script, the low-lying slip-on silhouette make its subtle mark once again as a matted off-white colour adorns the entirety of this pair, with one notable change seeing the typically darkened TPU toe material and adjustable strap keep to the same neutral shade across the pair, putting forward a seamless colour palette. Lastly, the signature perforated upper and ridged finger-print style mould also make an appearance, keeping Bembury’s signature design codes in tact.

No release date has been set for this pair as of yet, but stay tuned to PAUSE for more information as it arrives.

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