SPOTTED: Jaden Smith Embraces the ‘Jorts’ Wave Wearing Louis Vuitton & Unreleased New Balance

Jorts Season.

Making yet another appearance on PAUSE’s list of top notch dressers, LA-born star Jaden Smith took to Instagram once again to get off the ideal sunset watching ensemble.

Heading into the great outdoors to pose for Insta, Jaden Smith, who is most notably known for his unique sense of style and musical talent, unsurprisingly stayed true to his favourite brands, rocking a blue star MSFTSrep Cropped Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt with a pair of mid-length light blue denim shorts, a blue “Italia” cap, as well as a pair of his unreleased New Balance sneakers. Accessorising, the NB ambassador and collaborator opted for a Louis Vuitton Dauphine Mini Bag in a brown monogram design palette, finishing off the look by showing off his le FLEUR* strawberry graphic t-shirt.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links to pick up a MSFTSrep Cropped Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey Sweatshirt and a Louis Vuitton Dauphine Mini Bag now.


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