Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY Launches Exclusive Homeware Collection with Wedgwood

Bold, Expressive & Unapologetic.

Shattering the boundaries of conventionality is something that both Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY and Wedgwood know like the back of their hands so it was only right that the luxury homeware label chose the London-based designer to be its first-ever collaborator. Disrupting the worlds of art, music, and design in equal measure, the collaboration sees the brand’s iconic jasperware upcycled and individually decorated in the distinctive design language and illustrative style that Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY has come to represent.  

“Collaborating with Wedgwood has been  an incredible journey which allowed us to fuse music, art and craftsmanship into a bold and transformative experience. We not only had the opportunity to reimagine Wedgwood’s iconic jasperware but also to infuse it with our own distinctive creative voice,” said Charles Jeffrey.   

Embodied in an expressive campaign, Charles Jeffrey, Robert Fox, and Tom Furse dressed in LOVERBOY suits with sharp-cut hairstyles, set out on a mission to cause maximum disruption at the Wedgwood headquarters to promote radical change.  

The Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY x Wedgwood homeware collection is now available online.  


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