The Sidemen Open Their First-Ever Permanent SDMN Clothing Store

Yet Another Bucket List Moment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even my grandma has heard of The Sidemen as the ridiculously popular YouTube group continue to make the headlines as they open the doors to their first-ever permanent store for their clothing brand, SDMN Clothing. Located at the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Dartford (a place close to some of its founding members’ hearts), the brand with the XIX logo prides itself on its trend-driven designs while its eclectic collaborations have seen its audience expand past the boundaries of YouTube.  

“We’re so excited to be opening in Bluewater for our first ever move into physical stores. We’ve been building to this moment for a while now and we can’t wait to open our doors” said Josh ‘Zerkaa’ Bradley, a founding member of the Sidemen  

Formed through a shared love of gaming and video making back in 2013, racking up more than 130 million combined subscribers in that time, The Sidemen are made up of best friends Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji, Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter, Joshua ‘Zerkaa’ Bradley, Tobit ‘TBJZL’ Brown, Ethan ‘Behzinga’ Payne, and Vikram ‘Vikkstar123’ Barn.  

Home to all SDMN Clothing’s latest collections, the 6000sqm space is situated on the Upper Rose Gallery of Bluewater.  

Check out the store below.  


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