New Era Champions Local Creatives Across Europe for BEAT OF THE CITY Campaign

New Era on Tour.

A crowd of creatives, both established and emerging, help New Era bring vintage baseball aesthetics back to the forefront of fashion as the leading lifestyle label tell the inspirational stories of local European talent for its new BEAT OF THE CITY campaign. Showcasing New Era’s latest heritage-inspired MLB collection, the empowering campaign examines the different stimulants of each protagonist and how their artform has changed over the years.

Connecting multiple unique stories from five different European countries, the iconic headwear brand meets UK-based barbers Mark Maciver, French rap legend Médine Zaouiche and his son Massoud, Berlin-based artist Manuel Osterholt aka SuperBlast and Younes Mohammadi, Italian actors Stefano Sala and Livio Kane, and mother-daughter flamenco dancers from Madrid Penelope Pasca and Alejandra de Castro.  

From New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers to Oakland Athletics, the MLB collection is comprised of an assortment of team-themed apparel and headwear. Shop the collection now and check out the full BEAT OF THE CITY campaign at 

Check it out below.  


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