PAUSE Team Picks: August Wardrobe Favourites

They're Not Wants, They're Needs.

We may bless you with our fashion expertise each and every day but what’s to say we have good taste when it comes to our own closets? Each with our own distinctly different aesthetics, the eclectic bunch that makes up the team here at PAUSE has a little bit of everything, from sneakerheads and minimalists to wannabe rockstars (that’s me) and ‘fly boys’. 

We thought what better way for you – our loyal readers – to get to know the ones who claim to be in-the-know (we promise we are) than for us to individually compile our own monthly wish lists comprised of the pieces we are vibing with right now and the must-have items that we can’t stop thinking about?

This time around, we’re all about Aminé’s bananas New Balance collab, timeless jewellery selects, and statement shirting, so if you want to see what’s topping the wish lists of us fashion enthusiasts then keep scrolling and maybe you can even cop a few of our faves for yourself (we will try not to get too jealous)…

Michael - News Writer

If anyone knows me then they know that ridiculous ‘stomps’ (as they like to call them) are part of my identity (sorry sneakerheads). These ones may be a little out of my budget, but we can all dream, can’t we?

It’s super rare that you find a fire piece that references a moment in popular culture without looking like a walking cliché, so this one really is a diamond in the rough. Oh, and I’m watching The Sopranos right now, hence the Cuban.

I’ve honestly wanted this earring for as long as I can remember yet continue to fail to add it to my jewellery collection each and every payday! Just imagine this with my signature skinny black suit and ‘stompers’ combo – it’s a gothic dream.

Amal - Music Editor

There’s something so enchanting about Aminé’s upcoming collaboration with New Balance. The seamless integration of the two worlds shows how successful music and fashion can be together. A closer look at the colourway makes perfect sense as it gives off the vibe of a Mario Kart-esque banana, however instead, it is actually a playful reference to Aminé’s very own label, “Club Banana”. As my passion lies both with fashion and music, it’s only right to be rocking kicks that reflect that.

Is there anything better than a Silver-plated bracelet that feels handcrafted? Perhaps not. Since CPFW just ended, it’s only right to honour the ever-trendy Danes with a homegrown brand like Pilgrim. An outfit isn’t complete without jewelery, so having one that melts into your skin is something worth having. It’s a statement for sure and super affordable.

I may or may not be in my funky sweater vest era this AW season. – the more “stolen from your granddad’s wardrobe” it gives off, the better. The funkier the pattern and more handcrafted stitching, the cosier it feels. As sweater vests serve as perfect transitional garments (especially when the weather’s unpredictable), Story.mfg embodies their eco-conscious approach to its design, entirely handcrafted from organic cotton making it even more special.

Thomas - Junior Editor

The upcoming autumn season is all about layers, and for me personally, a cardigan-come-hoodie is the ideal comfort-centric garment that can be thrown over everything from a tank top to a t-shirt. This new season Jacquemus piece ticks all the right boxes, from its rich and warming wool composition and open or closed shape to its chunky ribbed knit style, what’s not to like?

A reliable piece of silver jewellery can never go a miss, with my preference being something with a playful touch and when it’s Acne Studios, you can always rely on that. This Charm Choker Necklace has a slightly worn-in style that I naturally gravitate to as a vintage fashion lover, with its tongue-in-cheek “Love You” text adding that extra bit of detailing. Adding this to the wardrobe ASAP.

Taija - Fashion Editor

It’s so important to have one staple pair of jeans that can be re-worked in different ways and what better brand to grab the perfect pair from than Y/Project. The Classic Asymmetric Waist jeans are timeless and have been one of my fave pairs from the brand for years, they’re simple yet sophisticated with the waist detailing which adds that high-fashion luxe touch to any outfit, an oldie but absolute goodie.

Burberry have been on their A-game the last few seasons with their eyewear range and the Flip-up Cat-eye Frame Palmer Sunglasses are my current obsession. They’re the perfect frame, a simple silhouette with chunky arms which elevate the frames and make them a real stand-out piece. 

I have lived in Asics over the last few years (literally) and after having a few pairs in different styles I can say they’ve been my most comfortable to date; which is ideal as we know “comfort is key” especially if you’re like myself and like to get your steps in. When it comes to athleisure, Ascis has been my go-to, I’ve been loving their latest drops, especially the GEL-Kayanos which are my current faves.

Lucy - Junior Fashion Editor

I got these in pink last season and they’re the perfect statement trainer, which are super comfy (extra points). For AW, they’ve released a black/white colour way which will be perfect for seasonal transitions. These are top of my footwear list.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this bag. So classy and understated but impactful at the same time – minimal goth-core. Maximilian does it again!

Really love the shape of this jacket and if anyone knows how to do leather, it’s ACNE. They released this jacket last season, but the updated matte leather bomber ticks all my boxes.

Lynn - Features Editor

A timeless masterpiece with a JJJJound spin. These 501s are the ultimate everyday essential. They are the perfect trifecta of comfort, elegance and practicality, rendering all the other jeans in your collection obsolete.

When it comes to spacious bag, look no further. Impeccably designed for daily use is the perfect description for this perfect hold all. Whether embarking on a daily commute or journeying abroad, as far as bags go, this is one the only one you’ll ever need. Extra points for the laptop sleeve and small change pocket on the inside too.

Simply a must have, this collaboration is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated sneaker drops of the year so far. From the design to the colour scheme, this sneaker is audacious in its appearance. Slightly loud but can be effortlessly transitioned between casual and formal settings, this New Balance 601 is an absolute sensation. 

Rhys - Fashion Editor

Being a fly boy is a way of life, and that’s down to the essentials. The Y Neck detail of this vest says it all, Bianca Saunders can’t go wrong. This is an all-year-round staple in my wardrobe, come rain or shine, I can elevate a simple outfit to a fly one in seconds.

Details count, from head to toe there has to be a talking point, so for the ears we’re talking about Norwegian brand Tom Wood. I seldom change my jewellery because it’s so sentimental to me, the story behind it is way more colourful that in appears to be after a first look. If you’re spending a tad outside of your usual budget for an item too, then it makes sense to invest in something that’s made to an exceptional standard as well as something you can wear more than often, right?

This is for the creators, the travellers and those that like to be prepared for any and everything. Whether you’re carrying a camera, lip balm or 2 pairs of sunglasses, a bag is essential… in fly boy fashion, of course we’re choosing an investment piece which will stand the test of time – hey Bottega! 

Jasmin - Features Editor

Anything from Jacquemus would be a solid choice for the summer, but this Le Bob Gadjo bucket hat is destined to be a warm-weather favourite, thanks to its versatile off-white hue and soft cotton blend. My holiday wardrobe won’t be complete without it.  

Casablanca’s Charaf Tajer never misses. The founder’s vibrant designs make me long for sun-drenched beach days, and this crochet short-sleeve shirt is no exception. It can be worn as a cover-up, layering piece or coordinated with matching shorts — a true multitasker.

My search for the perfect signet ring is over. This statement accessory from Nialaya Jewelry is simple yet impactful, set with a large jade stone. It’s not a want, it’s a need.

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