SPOTTED: Clint 419 Has a Full Circle Moment Wearing Supreme FW23′ Ensemble

Passing of the Torch?

Corteiz founder and designer Clint 419 has firmly cemented himself in the streetwear hall of fame, with this latest work for Supreme proving to be a full circle moment for the young creative as he takes to the FW23′ cover of Supreme’s THEM Magazine.

Having been a long-time admirer of the iconic streetwear outfit, Clint’s affection for the New York-born brand is no secret and many design styles from his own brand can be seen as directly inspired by Supreme, especially as Clint continues to expand Corteiz’s extensive list of garments. For a host of new looks, Clint is snapped in a selection of pieces from Supreme’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection, with some standouts including a red suede Harrington-style jacket adorned with black faux-fur trimmings, a red and black Supreme Bones Hockey Jersey, an olive green 2-in-1 GORE-TEX Polartech Liner Jacket, as well as a pair of indigo blue Rigid Baggy Selvedge Jeans.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pickup a Supreme 2-in-1 GORE-TEX Polartech Liner Jacket and a pair of indigo blue Rigid Baggy Selvedge Jeans now.


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