SPOTTED: Luka Sabbat is ‘The’ Man in Black Wearing Full Balenciaga Outfit

Too Sleek.

Long-time friend of Balenciaga and notorious fashionista Luka Sabbat took to Instagram yesterday to get off a couture-style fit, debuting an all-black ensemble.

Known for his affection for archival fashion as well as more sleek and modern looks, the New York native continues to lead the way for ‘The Big Apple’ as he proves himself to be one of fashion’s finest once again, rocking an all Balenciaga look. This latest outfit includes a pair of black Balenciaga sunglasses, what looks to be an unreleased Balenciaga Couture zip-up track jacket adorned with shoulder pads, as well as a pair of black Balenciaga Flared Denim Jeans. On top of this Balenci-laden look, Luka continues to gush over the Spanish luxury brand as he finishes off the all-black get-up with a pair of Balenciaga Santiago Leather Boots.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the links below to pick up a pair of Balenciaga Flared Denim Jeans and a pair of Balenciaga Santiago Leather Boots now.


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