SPOTTED: A$AP Rocky Shines Receiving Virgil Abloh Award in Celine, Louis Vuitton & more

A Prestigious Honour.

A$AP Rocky’s list of accolades are extensive, but the awarding of a Virgil Abloh Award is bound to be up there as one of his most prestigious. Accepting the accolade during the 16th Annual Harlem’s Fashion Row Fashion Show and Style Awards last night, Rocky was looking sharp as per usual.

The New York born hip-hop tastemaker switched things up from his recent Gucci-lead fits and opted for some alternate high-fashion houses, including both Celine and Louis Vuitton. Going from head-to-toe, the Testing (2018) star rocked a selection of bedazzled hair clips with a pair of black square-frame sunglasses, a ‘Ecru/White’ Celine College Cardigan, a white suit shirt and an unreleased SS24′ Louis Vuitton checkerboard tie, as well as a pair of simple black suit trousers.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up the same Celine College Cardigan now.


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