SPOTTED: Luka Sabbat Takes Black to the Bank Wearing Full Balenciaga Look

Black on Black.

Luka Sabbat’s longstanding affection for Balenciaga continues well into 2023 as the New York born model and all-round creative takes to Instagram to show off some all new Balenci garments. 

Clearly having a plug somewhere along the line, the world-renowned model and clothing brand owner is snapped wearing one of Balenciaga’s most sought-after pieces in many years; the Spring 2024 Biker Over-the-Knee Boots. Arriving in triple black, the subtly-branded Balenciaga piece falls perfectly over a pair of similarly-shaded long John style pants as well as matching up with a black hoodie, one we can assume is also of Balenciaga origin. 

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a similar Balenciaga zip-up hoodie now.


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