SPOTTED: Dennis Rodman is his Own Biggest Fan Wearing Balenciaga’s Glove Tote Bag

Always Fashionable.

Basketball and all-round fashion icon Dennis Rodman stole all of the headlines this week as he showed off one of his latest try-ons; the black Balenciaga Calfskin Glove Large Tote Bag.

Having made its own headlines in recent months, Balenciaga’s black Calfskin Glove Large Tote Bag takes the concept of a handbag to new heights by literally requiring you to insert your hand into it. In typical Rodman fashion, the iconic forward was naturally drawn to it as he was seen trying on Balenciaga’s latest accessory wearing a Rodman Apparel ‘Bad Boy Shades’ T-Shirt, a black Bear Skn Mesh Snapback Cap, as well as a pair of black Fendi Acetate Sunglasses.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below to pick up a Balenciaga Calfskin Glove Large Tote Bag now.


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