SPOTTED: Luka Sabbat Returns to Tokyo & Rocks Some Grails Wearing Maison Margiela, Chrome Hearts & more

Business as Usual.

Tokyo-residing model and all-around creative Luka Sabbat headed over to Instagram to get off a new ensemble for his fashion-loving fans, wearing a selection of certified grails.

Keeping his affection for a full leather look at the very top of the list, Luka Sabbat continues to keep things solid with his timeless looks, rocking a standout green and black Maison Margiela Bi Colour Leather Jacket with two different vintage Slayer and Marilyn Manson graphic t-shirts, a pair of black leather trousers adorned with a red pin stripe, as well as a pair of chunky black leather boots. Accessorising with his usual assortment of silver, Luka opted for his custom Chrome Hearts feather and whistle chain.

Thoughts? PAUSE or Skip? Follow the link below pick up a Maison Margiela Bi Colour Leather Jacket now.


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