UGG & Feng Chen Wang Spread Their Wings for Latest Collaborative Offering

By October 10, 2023Fashion News

Endless Possibilities.

Confined to no gender, age, or trend, UGG and Feng Chen Wang’s fourth collaborative endeavour is an unrestrained ode to freedom and self-expression. Translating the symbolism behind the Chinese phoenix – a notable symbol in Feng Chen Wang’s work – into a harmonious and balanced five-piece collection, the pair’s fourth (and counting) offering sets out to blur the lines between one’s internal spiritual world and societal norms.

Fuelled by its desire to be multidimensional in every aspect of the word, the versatile capsule is as adaptable as they come. From a two-in-one take on the Tasman and a convertible jacket to a pair of matching cargos and bucket hat, its mix-and-match potential is unrivalled.

UGG x Feng Chen Wang is now available online.

Check out its diverse campaign shots below.


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