Merchants of the Sun Take Premium Jewellery to New Heights with ‘La Vita’ Capsule

By November 28, 2023Fashion News

Thriving jewellery outfit Merchants of the Sun have followed up their previous successes with a new drop, titled ‘La Vita.’

Being one of Australia’s leading sustainable brands, Merchants of the Sun place ethics at the very top of the agenda, merging this environmentally-aware ethos into many of their striking jewellery designs with a fully carbon-neutral product range, bridging that gap between impact and creation. Originally taking from Australia’s iconic coastal surf culture, the brand has continued to branch out despite its relative youth, now delving deeper into streetwear and designer scenes. Translating to “the life” in Latin, ‘La Vita’ channels founder and designer Matthew Banks and his insatiable verve for life, with the collection itself looking to capture this sentiment for anyone who comes across the tasteful product line.

Putting their best foot forward for this newest drop, the ‘La Vita’ capsule proves to be the three-year-old brand’s most expansive collection to date, from a more wide range of chains and rings to more carefully crafted custom links and engineered clasps, Merchants of the Sun strike a perfect balance between their typically stripped-back pieces and new, more finely-detailed accessories here. The pieces themselves incorporate traceable gemstones and recycled materials into simple yet effective mainstay silhouettes, ranging from the worn-in gold Asteria Ring and founder-favourite silver Orbit Signet Ring adorned with a Red Garnet, to the Thick Cuban Bracelets and Somium Sleepers earrings. Some alternate standouts from the available range include the subtle Cardinal Charm earring, Augustus Pendant necklace, and Quadrata Chain bracelet, which incorporate 925 sterling silver and 18k gold vermeil.

Merchants of the Sun’s ‘La Vita’ capsule is available to shop now via their website.

Check out campaign imagery below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Merchants of the Sun

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