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Gambling and Fashion: How to Dress Well

This is quite an interesting topic for today that we have here, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered what it is that you need to wear if you’re planning on going to an actual casino? Or does it really matter how you look when you play online? We are going to cover all those topics, give you some pieces of advice on how to dress up for a gambling session, and offer some inspiration sources to check out. Let’s go!

Land-Based Casinos and Online Casinos: Pros and Cons

There is no doubt that the transition from traditional land-based casinos to online services makes up an important change in the gambling world. Actually, many factors contributed to these changes, and we would definitely point out technological advancements, changing customer preferences, and new norms and regulations.

But they are just words, and we invite you to explore more with us here and take a closer look at the pros and cons of each type of casino whether you need to think about what to wear to a casino or not. Although, we want to point out that if you are keen on online casinos, then you should definitely check out this detailed review.

Land-Based Casinos: Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
You feel the actual atmosphere of casinos Some people may get social anxiety
Real interaction with other people It takes time to get to a place
You can dress up nicely for such occasions
Buying drinks and food while gambling is a part of entertainment

Online Casinos: Pros & Cons Table

Pros Cons
You can play anywhere on the go No real interaction with people although playing with real dealers is possible
You can stay home and you won’t need to go anywhere Hard to get a real-casino vibe on such sites as Royal Reels casino or others
It is not needed to be dressed up
Convenience in every step

Should You Dress Up When Gambling or Not?

Honestly, it is all up to you but we personally think that people tend to dress up more when they go to actual land-based casinos because it’s a special place where people come to gamble and feel the atmosphere while sharing it with others. So, in this case, it’s even cool to spruce yourself up, get some nice outfit, and go to a place with a special casino dress code looking fabulous. But when you stay home, no one sees you, so it’s rather a matter of preference. By the way, if you like playing online, maybe you’ll be thrilled to read the article named Australian Casino Unleashed: A Closer Look at the Action. And we’re continuing!

Where to Get Inspiration From

If you are wondering where you can get inspiration from, we have some wonderful ideas for you!

  1. Movies. First of all, movies are definitely a huge source of inspiration, and you can try and repeat someone else’s outfit. For example, you can check out such movies and their characters’ outfits as Ocean’s Eleven, Molly’s Game, Atlantic City, The Color of Money, The Cincinnati Kid, or California Spirit.
  2. Pinterest. Second of all, why not Pinterest or even create your own Pinterest boards after gathering together all the ideas you liked. If you enter “casino outfit aesthetic”, you will see awesome gowns, dresses, suits, amazing jewelleries, and gorgeous hairstyles.
  3. Instagram. Same thing! If you don’t have Pinterest, you can use Instagram instead and look for aesthetic pictures right there.
  4. Online casinos. As ironic as it sounds, you may also get some inspo from games at online casinos before you go to real institutions. For example, if you visit online sites like Royal Reels Australia, you will be able to play live games with real dealers. Take a look at how dealers dress up and try to get an outfit like that of your own.

Casino Dress Codes: Let’s Decode Together

Casino outfits are awesome one way or another but we think it makes sense to decode some dress codes and dive into more details. Don’t you think?

Formal or Casual

Casinos come in different forms and with their own dress code. The first step in mastering your own casino style is understanding the difference between formal and casual places. Luxurious ones usually have strict formal outfit standards while more casual ones come with a more relaxed attitude in terms of clothes and attires. Basically, what we are trying to say is that before going out, you should totally do some research and find out what approach a specific casino has.

What About Dress Code Symbols?

Dressing appropriately calls for knowing dress code symbols. Symbols like “black tie,” “cocktail outfit,” and “business casual” are frequently seen on invitations or casino sites. So, in simple terms, if you decode these symbols, you will be able to dress appropriately and not cause any, let us say it, fashion faux pas.

Also, there are some specific dress codes that players know as Las Vegas Extravaganza and Monte Carlo Elegance. Do you know what these mean? Let’s see!

  • LV Extravaganza. Las Vegas, the absolute centre of glamour, casino luxury, and glitz, requires a more extravagant and we would even say lavish approach. You have to be bold, use  bright colours, and wear eye-catching accessories! If you go for daring fashion choices, you will show everyone that you know what it’s like to hang out in the city that never sleeps and is always here to party.
  • Monte Carlo Elegance. Monte Carlo, in turn, is the absolute of luxury that implies timeless elegance and not extravagance. You may want to pick traditional black and white outfits, tailored suits, and stylish accessories. For a night, you will feel like you’re either awesome James Bond or charming Audrey Hepburn.

The Important Things to Remember for Male Gamblers

  • Formal. Gentlemen should wear a traditional tuxedo or a good-looking suit when they go to luxurious places which, as we already said, have a strict approach. A fresh shirt, silk tie, and shiny shoes finish the look for sure. Plus, if you want to boost your style, you shouldn’t neglect such details like cufflinks and an elegant watch.
  • Casual. Casual does not imply that you have to look sloppy and come wearing clothes you sleep in. Smart casual clothing, such as fitted pants and a collared shirt, achieves the ideal balance, as we see it. Moreover, believe us, if you combine it with loafers or elegant trainers, you will get a casual yet refined look.

The Important Things to Remember for Female Gamblers

  • Formal. Women can never go the wrong way if they get a floor-length gown or a beautiful cocktail casino dress and go to a luxurious place like that. Plus, if they accessorise the whole look with smashing jewellery and a clutch, a glamorous look is guaranteed, believe us.
  • Casual. Casual does not mean the look has to be plain and boring. For a casual casino location, it will definitely be enough if you wear a well-tailored jumpsuit, an elegant top combined with tailored trousers or a chic midi dress, this will be perfect! Moreover, you can decide what you want to wear in addition: those may be flats as well as heels.

Extra Tips for a Superb Casino Look for Both Males and Females

Basically, we told you the most important things but no attire is really finished and ready to be shown to the world if it’s not comfy or lacks some nice hair and fresh breath.

  • Grooming is important. Your beautiful clothing is awesome but a well-groomed look enhances the whole thing. If you stick to good personal hygiene and keep your hair nicely styled, you will get a result that will leave a great impression for sure.
  • Comfort is essential. While style is important, you should never neglect the comfort part. You should always go with breathable footwear and fabrics that are convenient and you actually move and easily change positions.

What we want to say at the end of this article is that we hope it was useful for you and that there’s no 100% working casino wear formula. The art of dressing is an absolutely amazing thing but it’s so individual that anyone can express whatever they want to with their clothes. Simply make sure your ideas match the dress code of a particular place, and you’ll be fine for sure.

Also, don’t forget that gambling is not only about clothing, it’s also about gambling responsibly. So, it seems like dressing up and playing games are two things that have to be done in moderation. If you play from home and use online sites like Royal Reels instead, make sure you gamble responsibly as well.

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