Nike Transforms the Tech Fleece for its 10th Birthday

By December 4, 2023Fashion News

Redefining Street Culture.

Nike has reimagined its Tech Fleece range, turning the street icon into a minimal fashion staple in celebration of its 10-year anniversary.

Since Nike birthed the Tech Fleece, major cities around the world, especially in the UK, have adopted the tracksuit as a uniform. Its identity since its inception has been associated with the transcendence of music and streetwear due to its rigidity, comfort, and abundance of colourways. 

However, Nike has opted to turn the Tech Fleece into a sleek, modern representation of current menswear trends here as whilst materials are still designed to suit athletes and the latest drop maintains its beloved lightweight textiles and immense warmth, the cuts have been totally revitalised. Nike has opted for mock necks and pleated bottoms, skewing away from their tapered past iterations. 

Take a look at the entire collection below.


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