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“Rihanna came up to me and said how much she enjoyed the set”

Skyla Tylaa has spun herself into a realm full of streams and decibels which are constantly rising higher and higher! Skyla Tylaa is well known for opening as a DJ for Wiz Kid’s Made In Lagos Tour, her ear for Amapiano and not to mention her choreography skills when it comes to spinning such tunes from that genre!

Much like the sets she spins, Skyla is back to back with show bookings, travelling from country to country, crossfading from culture to culture whilst adding layers onto her craft as a DJ whilst exploring her sense of style at the same time!

You can catch Skyla Tyla DJ’ing in Lagos on December 16th but for today she transitioned and took a moment off beat to PAUSE, sit down and turn the volume up on her contribution to the scene in which she’s fully immersed.

Check it all out below.

Coat: Agrostudios, Top & Jeans: Diesel, Shoes: FENDI @ Phussy couture, Glasses: Dior

Who is Skyla Tylaa and why Tylaa with two a”s?

A young lit International Female DJ and I wanted it to ring like a bell haha

Your debut Dj show was with Wiz Kid, right? Do you remember the kind of tunes you spun?

Yeah, my first-ever tour was The Made in Lagos Tour in America. I was opening and doing a warm-up set so I was playing Afrobeats and Amapiano. I played a song called Woza and the crowd went crazy!!

From spinning on Reprezent Radio to doing world tours… talk to me about this.

Yeah, I’ve done a guest mix on there before, that was my first ever gig in the outside world because before I used to just DJ in my bedroom on live. Someone from the team saw my IG live and was like “Hey, we’d love to have you on to do a guest mix” and I was like “Okay I got this!”.

3 years ago I was DJ’ing in my bedroom and now I’m DJ’ing all over the world… that’s a very surreal experience for me, but I’m grateful for each opportunity!

From your early days in the music industry to now being a celebrated DJ, how was your journey influenced your personal style and approach to fashion?

I would say I’ve always loved fashion! One thing about me, when I was younger everyone used to call me “Skyla the Styler”, everyone used to know me as the stylish one! So I feel like now that I’m able to see the whole world, the whole world can also see my style, and I can interpret different styles into mine having seen so many variations from city to city.

My mum is also very stylish, so I get it from my mum.

Who are your biggest fashion inspirations, and how have they influenced your style evolution over the years?

Rihanna, she’s amazing! Everything she does is amazing, she’s seen me DJ before too! Playboi Carti also, he’s just cool, he has that cool “I don’t care look” you know?

Where did Rihanna see you DJ?

It was when I played for The Made in Lagos Tour when I was I DJ’ing in LA, she came up to me, Rihanna came up to me and said how much she enjoyed the set. She’s so polite, she introduced herself to everyone in the room. I literally was about to cry as she was saying it!! I couldn’t even get my words out!

Top: Poster Girl, Skirt: ASOS , Tights: Ann Summers, Shoes: D’accori, Earrings: Vivienne Westwood, Gloves: Chrome Hearts

What is something in your wardrobe that you’d wear now, but couldn’t imagine wearing 5 years ago?

Probably boots, I know it’s so simple but I’m a trainer girl. I wouldn’t even wear those Rick Owens boots, like I’d never normally wear them, but I’m a changed girl now, I’ve grown up a little bit haha. A few years back I would never wear heels either, but I feel like when you grow up as a girl you just speak to yourself and be like “girl, go put them boots on, put them heels on”.  Again those Rick Owens boots, they don’t look too much like a heel heel, they still look cool.


We know you’ve DJ’d for PRADA before, paint that picture for me about how that came about and how it went.

PRADA were releasing a new collection in their store on Old Bond Street, they just hit me with an email like “We’d love Skyla Tylaa to just pull up and play for us” and I was sold! Anyone who looks on my Instagram can see in half of my fits I’m wearing PRADA… PRADA & Rick Owens are my go-to brands at the moment.


How have you seen the luxury fashion and streetwear industry change since you started your career, and how have these changes impacted your style?

Yeah, I feel like the majority of people like to wear loads of bright colours. And just be very out there. But I like to be out there with the dark colours. Like you’ll see me wear a big ass black jacket. But you’ll notice me because the big blue jacket band is black. But it’s still it’s still gives a sleek, fashionable, classy.

My jackets and trainers are always going to stand out, they’re the IT pieces of my outfit


For aspiring DJ’s and musicians that look up to you, what advice would you give them about expressing themselves through fashion and developing a signature style?

I would say just being you and whenever you feel like you’re comfortable, if you feel like you want to wear a bag when you DJ then wear a bag. It’s about whatever you feel most comfortable in, because people will come to watch, and listen to you play. So just just do you.

You’ve been seen wearing some cutting-edge streetwear brands. Are there any specific designers or brands you’re particularly excited about collaborating with in the future?

Who Decides War, Luke Neil and Chopova Lowena!

Which brands are on your hitlist to DJ for?

Chrome Hearts if they ever do events!

Describe what 2024 sounds like using a song or album title.

It sounds like new music from Skyla Tylaa 👀

Top: Poster Girl

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