SOLDIER Joins Awake NY for “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN” Collaborative Capsule

By December 14, 2023Fashion News

A "Paw-some" Collaboration.

Awake NY has collaborated with Lagos-born, London-based artist SOLDIER on a capsule collection inspired by his series of artworks, “ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN”.

A collection of four t-shirts and two hockey jerseys will be released on Friday, 15th December 2023, aimed at revisiting the artist’s representations of safety, loyalty, fear, and protection, based on examples from the good ol’ “man’s best friends” he has encountered in recent years.

Upon deeper exploration, throughout the capsule, SOLDIER’s ‘dog print’ appears woven into the jersey’s camouflage and tucked into each tee’s back print. The SOLDIER STUDIOS’ ‘eagle logo’ is further aligned with Awake NY’s trademark branding throughout each piece.

This collection is nothing short of a collaborative masterpiece – from the intricate details of the graphics to the unique design elements. Each piece of the collection is a testament to the power of collaboration and can be viewed below.


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