ABAGA VELLI Drops Exclusive Pieces on New E-commerce Site

By January 22, 2024Fashion News

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ABAGA VELLI, founded in 2022, has dropped an exclusive collection in celebration of its brand-new e-commerce site.

Meaning “Art Brings Access, Grants Ascendance,” ABAGA VELLI is a utilitarian and modular clothing brand that roots itself in community, culture, and displacement.  Their clothing has garnered a cult following due to its wearability by those wanting a contemporary feel while living in a minimalist world. Among those followers are Little Simz, Michael Ward, and John Boyega. 

The ‘Truth Collection’ is a powerful take on classical menswear, fusing the brand’s expressional meanings behind pieces. “In a room full of turmoil, misinformation & ignorance, most times all you have is the truth to keep you sane,” said Adémidé Udoma, the Creative Director of the ‘Truth Collection.’

Although the collection is just 8 pieces, ABAGA VELLI made sure to make each one count. The showstoppers are the antique burgundy leather moto jacket with a distressed exterior and its counterpart, a blue-sinched hooded ski jacket. 

All 8 pieces are currently available on ABAGA VELLI’s brand-new website.

Scroll down to check out the brand’s gallery images.


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