Fashion Week Round Up: Milan’s Autumn/Winter 2024 Fashion Symphony

A symphony of style.

Milan, the fashion capital of the world, once again played host to a spectacular display of sartorial prowess during Milan Fashion Week 2024. As fashion houses showcased their latest offerings, leaving audiences spellbound. Here’s a glimpse into some of our favourite standout moments from this Milan season. 

Gucci’s Gucci-impact

Under the creative direction of Sabato De Sarno, Gucci has continued to make waves in the fashion world. De Sarno, uninterested in the fleeting allure of Instagram moments, has clearly prioritised the design process over the need to play to the clout chasing fashion crowd. And the result is timeless garments with mindful proportions. This collection featured buttonless blazers with fabric gills, chic dusters resembling extra-long stoles, and full-GG-print suits showcased the everyday playfulness that luxury garments can offer. Tailored looks, exemplified by a burnt sienna vinyl ensemble with a padded-lapel coat and matching trousers, illustrated the designers commitment to putting fit and function first. All in all Gucci’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection was a testament to the brand’s legacy of merging everyday garments with impeccable tailoring.

JW Anderson’s Eyes Wide Shut Collection

Drawing inspiration from JW Anderson drew inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film; Eyes Wide Shut, JW Anderson’s showcased a collection rooted in wealth, conservatism, and discreteness. With models donning oversized silhouettes, moccasin boots, large cat sweaters with inventive zipper tab details that added peculiarities to the collection, which has become a call-sign for Anderson’s technical perfectionism, with this Autumn/Winter 2024 collection W Anderson seems to be leading the charge into the next generation of fashion mastery.

Prada’s Office Spectacle

Pairing office-chic with outdoor core, Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons orchestrated a spectacle at Fondazione Prada, turning the venue into a natural landscape decorated with cubicles, symbolising the transition from inside to outside. The collection included classic Prada elements such as skinny ties, and even skinnier pants, as well as oxford shirts neatly tucked in with one or two belts. Accessories were also a hit as hats took centre stage, with military-inspired swimming caps in Crayola colours and leather-topped headpieces reminiscent of the ’80s New Wave movement. Miuccia and Raf once again proved their mastery in creating a unique perspective, exploring the balances between human-made and organic environments while offering a fresh take on menswear.

Fendi’s Timeless Elegance

Fendi’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection paid homage to Rome’s cultural heritage, seamlessly blending urban and rural influences for a timeless and elegant aesthetic. Masterfully balancing the town and country, this collection is grounded in duality and sees Silvia Venturini Fendi put sophisticated accessories at the forefront with noteworthy additions such as the Siesta bag, transforming into a pillow, and the Melon hobo, shaped by intricate folds. 

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