Stone Island Drops Badass SS24′ Campaign Shoot ft. Dave & Jason Statham

By January 15, 2024Fashion News

Streatham to Statham.

Stone Island has dropped its visuals for its SS24′ campaign featuring Dave and Jason Statham in some of the brand’s most innovative pieces to date.

Titled ‘The Compass Inside’, Stone Island is opening its next chapter through a manifesto led by members of its community. Although they’ve already made a name for themselves by doing so, Stone Island’s latest task is to put material research and innovation at the forefront of its product development. 

The upcoming Spring/Summer collection features the same cast as usual, along with some proprietary materials. Marina and Ghost are at the forefront of this season’s drop, along with the Stellina performance department. Lightness is the brand’s key term for this season, exemplified in some heavy-hitting outerwear.

Stone Island’s key pieces this summer are a doozy to comprehend, but include intricately designed materials with sustainability in mind. Dave can be seen in the dissolving camo jacket, which uses a proprietary nylon layered atop mesh to give a worn and dissolved look, whilst Statham is wearing a knee-length performance parka which can be used as a waterproof membrane layer. Other notable materials include a liquid metal, run-proof nylon which makes rain look like oil in water, and the closed loop project which uses the extra cotton from garments to create jackets and blousons made up of at least 50% recovered material.

Check out the entire Stone Island SS24′ campaign below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Stone Island

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