Upcoming Techwear Brand SKINNER is Revolutionizing the Genre As We Know It

By January 18, 2024Fashion News

Protect Yourself at All Times.

Following their uber-successful first drop which saw all 625 pieces sell out in weeks, SKINNER is re-releasing JACKET_1, alongside a new development of security-oriented techwear. 

Sparked by a slew of global security concerns at the beginning of the decade, SKINNER has made it their mission to create hypersensitive, protective garments augmented to keep the wearer’s personal data secure. Their initial drop was met with excitement throughout the community, from techwear YouTuber Antwon to their 200,000 plus TikTok followers who had their hand in the design of the jacket. 

JACKET_1 reflects SKINNNER’s ethos of offering wearable technology designed for contemporary, fashionable individuals. The garment includes a Dark Pocket which blocks external trackers and data skimming through a meticulously crafted metallic weave. Invisible to the naked eye, JACKET_1 features an AI-Scrambling Pattern which confuses facial detection algorithms and a three-layer laminate and ripstop finish, providing complete protection from every harsh weather climate. 

Join SKINNER’s evergrowing TikTok community to voice your opinion on future releases, and visit the brand’s website to purchase JACKET_1. If you’re still not sold, check out the product images below. 


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